Thursday, September 15, 2011

I've got nothing...

Today is one of those days where I am at a complete loss for words. I've racked my brain, trying to come up with something to say about my day, my outfit, or my life in general, and there's just nothing there.

I mean, I'm trying to get back into running, now that the weather in Georgia doesn't make me want to cry every time I leave the house, and I'm into week two of the Couch to 5K program (for my second time around, because I've lost the ability to run for longer than two minutes at a time since this past spring), and my tailbone has been a little sore since the last run. But really, how is that at all interesting, right?

Although, it apparently doesn't stop me from talking about it, so at least there's that...

(Today's blogging tip, from me to you: When in doubt, ramble aimlessly, and hope nobody notices. Also, try to time your rambling with an outfit that consists of more than a black skirt and gray sweater, if you want maximum distraction power. Oops...)

(Oh, and I am taking recommendations for new running shoes (I'm pretty sure that's where the tailbone issue is coming from), so if you have any ideas/preferences, let me hear them!)
Enjoy your Thursday!

Tank Top: Target
Sweater: New York & Co
Skirt: Calvin Klein
Shoes: Kenneth Cole


  1. Lovely!! Great job on the running thing! Drew and I stared P90X and are on week 4. It's killing me!

  2. You crack me up! It's funny when you can't think of a thing to write, and then you end up with a couple paragraphs, lol! Love the sweater!

  3. Your outfit is not at all boring! I really like the ruffly detail on the sweater!

    Running shoes... hmmm... I have a great pair and will be buying another pair of the exact same ones in the near future. I have the Brooks Adrenaline. Do you have a store that can watch you run and assess what kind of shoes you need? We have a running store that does that and then tells you if you need shoes with more support or more flexibility based on the way you run.

  4. Hi Tara - Have you gone to a store specializing in running products to get your feet fitted for running shoes before? You run on a treadmill barefoot and the sales associates recommend different types of shoes depending on your pronation and gait. If you find a style you like, you don't even have to buy the shoes there, you just write down the brand and style and you can get the shoes elsewhere (i.e. Amazon, Zappos, etc.). You can also get good running socks for those places, too (I love Balega and Thor socks). Hahaha, I just noticed that Tiffany above just recommended the same thing. ;D

  5. I second questforfashionsense. I've never been to one of those specialized stores myself, but all the serious runners I know swear by them.

    No worries about having nothing to say. Trust me, my mind is more blank often than not, haha. Let your outfit speak for itself, especially one like today's!

  6. Basic but the detailing on the cardigan. I swear by Nike Pegasus running shoes!

  7. you seriously are hilarious! loving all that detail on the cardi. very cute!

  8. Love the sweater! :)

    GA weather blows! So hot one day and cool the next. I'm surprised we're not all sick. I always say I'm going to get back into shape since I have summers off, but it's SOO hot all summer that I end up doing minimal to "get by." But now that the weather is changing, I've vowed to get back into shape. I'm not a marathon runner, but I'd love to be back at running 5 miles by Christmas. That seems reasonable, right? With Halloween candy, Thanksgiving, and Christmas treats on the way?


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