Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Round-Up

Today is my last day as a 31-year old. Which...whatever, right? It is what it is. I'm not going to focus on the getting older aspect of things, I think. Instead, I'm going to celebrate the fun part of birthdays.

Like cake. And beer. And, probably pizza, too.

Man, I love cake and beer and pizza...


Now, on to my favorite Friday links! They may be a little short this week, because it's been a busy few days around here. I HATE when real life gets in the way of my internet time, you know?

Do you like sports? Do you like pop culture? Because if you like either of those things, you should really, really be reading the remarkably talented writers at Grantland. They are one funny bunch of people, I swear. Case in point? Rembert Explains the '80s. You. Are. Welcome.

Chalkboard paint. Who knew?

I have this Style Statement book, but I haven't started the process, yet. I'm kind of excited to, though...I really, really hope it helps me get my mess o' stuff under control again. And if I can convince myself to let go of anything I'm holding onto for all of the wrong reasons? Even better...

And...that's all I have this week. Like I said, short and sweet.


(And, as always, my post on Style Lush this week. Have a great weekend!)


  1. I hope you have a freakin wonderful birthday...32 is not old!!

  2. Yay, sounds like a trip to Chuck E Cheese is in order. (Beer + pizza + cake?) Also you should know you share a birthday with my first love, who I started dating when I was but a child of 18. (He will also be 32 tomorrow, so the exact birthday!) Hope you have a fabulous day!

  3. HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY, TARA! Remember, you'll be 32 years young ;)

    I don't particularly seek out Grantland articles to read, but if they're linked through ESPN, I'll usually at least skim. I do like Outside the Lines articles that ESPN publishes every once in awhile, and of course the 30 for 30 TV series.

  4. Happy birthday!!! :)

    Do you like you birchbox??


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