Monday, February 6, 2012

Hello, Monday...

It's Inspiration Monday over at Two Birds, and since today's plans included registering Brigid for preschool in the fall (I am already calling 'not it' on taking B in for her first day, ok? DO YOU HEAR ME, STEPHEN??? NOT IT!!) and taking her to the aquarium on my mother-in-law's membership guest pass, the timing of today's inspiration couldn't have been better.

Because, this?

Well, this just translates really well into an outfit that let's you crawl through the penguin tunnel, to the plastic bubble thing in the middle of the penguin pond, where you can stand face to face with those darn penguins!

(which probably would have been a lot cooler, if penguins didn't have beady little creepy eyes right in the middle of their faces, but whatever...I have bird issues.)

 T-shirt: Gap
Sweater: Banana Republic (outlet)
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Hunter


  1. Oy, preschool is rough. When will you know if she gets a spot?

  2. the drapeyness of that sweater!

  3. I cried every year for both my girls through 1st grade, so I feel your pain :)

    This is the perfect outfit for a mommy/kiddo day! Heather

  4. Definitely a perfect outfit for running around with B. Love the drapey sweater and the wellies! I freaked out when Alex went to preschool...I felt like my last baby didn't need me anymore!

  5. You look comfy, cozy, and adorable. Just like penguins. ;)

  6. Poor you with bird issues! Love your look though!!! Lovely cardie!


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