Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quick Hits

I don't know where my inspiration/motivation/general desire to do anything internet related has gone recently, but I am a little out of touch on email/reader feed/general blog kind of activities this week. I'm either blaming vacation brain, or Lego Harry Potter for the iPad, which I have already played through once, to open the free play on all levels, and am now replaying with a hardcore intensity designed to officially unlock everything I missed the first time around.

I am AWESOME to be friends with, I tell you. Or married to, for that matter, as Steve will tell you.

Anyway, a few little things running through my mind right now:

1) I am flying up to Indiana for my sister's bachelorette party this weekend, which gives me a glorious couple of hours all to myself, albeit in an airport/on a plane. And then I've got a longer flight next weekend, too, where I'll have all sorts of time to kill, so...HELP! I'm looking for any good movie or book or general pass-the-time-activity recommendations you might have. I can't guarantee that I will do anything more than just fall asleep during my free time, but never hurts to have a back-up plan.

2) I have decided to give up swearing for Lent this year. The last few years, I've given up shopping...but I'm already doing that for the full year, so it's no additional sacrifice this time around. My other typical tradition involves giving up sugar. But...vacation. And since my language has hit all time lows recently, to the point that I could probably make a sailor blush in the course of a normal conversation, this will be a tough goal to work for. Which is kind of the point of things, after all.

But I've slipped up already. Several times, in fact. So I'm trying to come up with a good 'punishment' (for lack of a better word) system for when these slips occur. Any ideas?

(See? Lack of creativity. My head is just not where it should be these days, I swear.)

3) ...and that's all there is, folks. Books, movies, and swearing. And Lego Harry Potter.

I think this means I really need a nap?


  1. Lego Harry Potter?? That sounds like fun! As soon as I'm near the Ipad, I'm looking it up! =)

    I don't know... maybe every time you swear, you put a dollar in B's piggy bank? Ohhh, or every time you swear, you have to give something you love to Goodwill! That would make you stop! lol

  2. Oooh swearing. Work with 600+ elementary kids and your swearing habit will die quickly! :)

    Have fun in Indiana this weekend!!

  3. i've been giving up shopping for lent for the last few years but just couldn't do it this one, which is probably all the more reason i shoulda!!! then i thought about giving up wearing make-up but i felt like that's not too hard and at the same time because i just had a baby i felt like i might need the make-up. one time my small group and i gave up swearing and for every bad word we said we had to give a buck and then we donated the money to some charity.

  4. lego harry potter?? i'll have to look into that one. plants vs. zombies is is temple run on the ipad!



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