Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Recap

My poor, dear husband was told on Monday that he needed to be in Charlotte for a meeting on Wednesday morning. And since flights from Atlanta to Charlotte are in the $500+ range two days out (shocking to absolutely no one, I'm sure...), it was more cost effective for him to just make the drive, instead. But, because the meeting was at 10AM, and he didn't want to get up and drive at 4AM, he headed out on Tuesday night.

Yes, for those of you counting at home, my husband had to leave me and Brigid on Valentine's Day for a 'business trip'.

I, of course, threw a fit (or, you know, shrugged my shoulders, which is about as worked up as I can get about my favorite made-up holiday) and asked if he was pulling a Patrick-Dempsey-from-Valentine's-Day-the-movie on me (no, I didn't, and he wouldn't have picked up on the reference if I had, since no self-respecting person would ever admit to seeing that movie...except for me, apparently).

But, then he gave me chocolate and beauty products and left me alone with Monday's episode of Gossip Girl on the DVR, and all was right with the world.



  1. Haha, that sounds like a pretty decent night to me! ;) You know what? I actually really like Valentine's Day. And Love Actually. And I'll probably like that new movie that's made like those. Maybe I'm weird, but Love Actually is one of my favorite movies. lol

  2. I can relate! While my husband wasn't out of town for Valentine's Day, he was in meetings alllll day, from 8am until almost 9pm. He was exhausted when he got home!


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