Tuesday, October 18, 2011

All in...

While Steve and I were flying to Omaha this past weekend, we saw an older lady boarding the plane in Atlanta who had dyed the tips of her gray hair pink, for, I assume, breast cancer awareness.

And that, my friends, is commitment to the cause.

I wanted to high-five her and ask to take a picture, but I'm a complete chicken when it comes to approaching strangers, so I stuck with a mental fist bump and called it a day. I still wish I had a picture, though...

Sweater: Banana Republic
Skirt:J Crew
Shoes: Nine West
Bracelet: Kohls


  1. I bet that lady was rockin the pink tips! Little old ladies who are still stylish seriously rock my world. This lady at the grocery store was probably 90 years old and she was wearing white jeans, a white denim jacket and silver jewelry and shoes. She was adorable!

    Your skirt is fantastic! I love the length and color if it :) Heather

  2. that sweater means fall is coming!!! that skirt would also look great with a black short sleeve button up and a bold belt!


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