Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Away

Holy tired, kids.

I need to remember that I am thirty-one years old now, and not the early-20s kid I used to be, who could squeeze in three hours of sleep one night and still be fine. But, even if I had remembered that, I'm pretty sure I would have stuck with the sleep schedule, anyway, because spending the weekend with my friends from college, who I get to see maybe once a year, is definitely worth a little bit of recovery time on my end.

Also, this weekend was my 7th anniversary, and even though my gift for my husband was back-ordered and won't show up until later this week, my husband was nice enough to put me out of my misery* already by allowing me to open what he bought for me.

And what he bought for me was an entire Christmas village collection, which I'm excited to add to my boxes o' Christmas cheer (i.e. my crazy full 18-Rubbermaid-tote pile of decorations), but which also made me wish it was already time to decorate for the next round of holidays, because as much as I love my Halloween decorations, my heart still lies with twinkly lights and pretty bows.

And now, I can't get sequins off of my mind. Because Christmas equals sequins in my mind? And I don't even own any sequins. So, I guess you can call this post What I would wear, if I owned sequins and hadn't spent the day on my couch in a Gap lounge sweater and a pair of ratty old jeans...

...and also, unlimited funds.

*I am terrible with surprises, and he'd already been waving these presents under my nose for a wee, so he totally owed me. Or something like that.


  1. Happy anniversary! I know exactly what you mean. I feel like an old lady when I go out with old friends. Its fun while its happening, but the aftermath is awful. My bedtime is usually by 10, lol!

    Love the outfit you put together. Very festive :)


  2. happy anniversary! i am hear you...even though i still am a night hawk, i can't function well the next day like i used to. sad...very sad.


  3. Oooh, I wish I had some fancy Christmas party to go to so that I could wear an outfit similar to that one! Happy anniversary!

  4. I love Christmas decorations...those mini villages fascinate me...I was always jealous of the non jewish kids because they had beautiful trees with all the lights and decorations!!

  5. Ahh, I'm dreaming of Christmas and that outfit with you girl:-) Happy Anniversary! A weekend with the girls is definitely worth sleep deprivation and recovery. Sounds like a fun time!

  6. happy anniversary! my advice for you: head to our outlets after thanksgiving and score yourself the perfect holiday skirt with glitter (from jcrew) or gold sheen (banana republic) for Christmas!!!


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