Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Could someone please explain to me how I should dress to leave the house when it is 47 degrees in the morning, even though I know it is supposed to be almost 80 at some point during the day? Because I am failing miserably this week. And I'm usually so good with layers, too!

Apparently, the heat of the summer left me a little rusty in that area...

A couple of other points for the day:

-This outfit was from the weekend, before I realized that it was October, so...no pink. I tend to stockpile outfit pictures over the weekend because my schedule isn't so conducive to real time outfit posts.

Also, I am lazy. Remember?

-Although Brigid's birthday isn't until Saturday, I mentioned last week that we had her party this past weekend. I posted about it today at Style Lush, if you want to check it out.

-This weekend, I was comfortable in the morning, and ridiculously hot in the afternoon. This morning, I can't feel my legs. See? Rusty.

-Happy Tuesday!

Sweater: Land's End Canvas
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Bare Traps (DSW)


  1. so crazy with the weather here too...it was 50 when I left the house, 68 when I got to work and it will probably be 75 when I go get lunch...ah!!
    Love the green and those cool boots!

  2. Our weather has been crazy too! Went over and checked out the decorations for Brigid's party and they look fantastic! I wish I was that creative, or had the patience for stuff like that! Loving the green top and boots :) Heather

  3. Oh, I hear you on the weather!! I've been wearing tights/long sleeves/boots in the morning and feeling so nice and warm and cozy. But at lunch time, I feel like ripping my clothes off! We have such weird weather in the south!

    Despite all that nonsense, you're still looking fabulous! I love that green top!

  4. This weather is so hard to dress for...the key is layers, layers, layers lol

  5. this is ALWAYS my dilemma! woke up to rain this morning and was tempted to throw on a heavy sweater and boots...but i KNEW it would warm up. while it didn't exactly warm up, i still would have been miserable as it is still in the 80s! in fact, i almost pu on my green sweater!

    You're Invited: fall in love with mark.

  6. You are super cute and I have to say after reading your "About Me" I'm shocked you're in your 30's...good genes! Okay, that said, I'm glad to know you were TRYING to wear/use pink for BC Awareness. At first, I thought you didn't want to have any pink because it was October...like one of those old fall fashion rules. LOL
    I totally know what you mean about this weather thing. I'm in eastern NC and this morning I was so chilly, but by the end of the day I was sweating...sigh. Love the boots!

  7. that is one comfy looking outfit! good for weekend and weather as it cools down, you did a TERRIFIC job for your daughter's bday party!

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  8. you look awesome in bright green! i totally agree. it's so annoying when it starts out cold in the am and then gets hot in the pm. i'm always sweating by the end of the day!


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