Thursday, October 27, 2011

One Pink Belt

I own one pink belt. One.

And other than one pink bracelet, and maybe a pair of earrings, that is the extent of the pink accessories that I own. So during the month of October, as I've been trying to stay involved in the Blogging for Breast Cancer Awareness challenge, this poor belt has had quite the work-out. Remember when I started this whole thing, and I was excited because I noticed I had more pink in my closet than I thought I did?

Well, it turns out, I was right the first time.

Thank goodness for my little pink belt, I guess.


(Oh, and one side note on the pants from yesterday...based on the pictures that I posted, I don't think the pants look completely terrible, which is one of the reasons that I chose to keep wearing them, instead of frantically trying to change clothes at the last minute after the photos have revealed what a complete disaster my chosen outfit really is. Not that that has ever happened, of course.

The problem came later in the day, when every time I looked in the mirror in the bathroom at work, they started looking worse and worse. I don't know if it was the fading of my morning optimism (which doesn't actually exist, unfortunately), a general loss of shape in the fabric, or just a really, really bad mirror/lighting combination in the office bathroom, but everything started looking...droopy, I guess. The pants seemed too long, the thighs seemed to baggy, the butt seemed too shapeless. It was just off, somehow.

And that right there would be reason #892 that I don't like pants...not only is it overtly painful to make them work on me, they are sneaky little saboteurs, too, waiting to take down my whole day when I least expect it and can do nothing to change it. I'm burning them all...)


(Ok, not really. I'll just try to wear them again when all of the hard feelings have worn off, of course. The definition of insanity, and all of that...)

T-shirt: Forever 21
Sweater: New York & Co
Skirt: J Crew (outlet)
Belt: Target
Boots: DSW


  1. Love the stripes under the cardi. I am wearing pink when I can, but I just don't have enough...but, I do have a pink ribbon and charm on my purse at all times...

  2. This outfit is so freakin cute! I think I will be copy catting this soon. I have all the pieces (well, except the gray boots) but I will improvise, lol!

    We still have been wearing pink with a bracelet or a ribbon on our purses, but we got pinked out really fast with the Breast Cancer Awearness Challenge. We have a lot of pink, but we get so bored with our clothes and we have to have variety. Is that bad?

  3. Love this outfit, Tara! The stripes and colors are great together!

    I've been trying to wear pink when I can or when I think abotu it. I just don't have as much a lot. Everyone at Kroger tries to wear pink every Thursday in October. I'm wearing my one pink dress today since it's the last Thursday this month :)

  4. Love the outfit :) Are you feeling better?

    PS- My November is going to be crazy. How do you feel about Christmas flavored lattes in December? We need to meet!! :)

  5. Oh I love this whole outfit, especially the boots. I need to try this color combination. I hate when that happens. It's the worst feeling when you leave the house thinking you look cute and everytime you look in the mirror it gets progressively worse throughout the day. Good thing you look super cute today so you have no worries :)

  6. I love the stripes with this much fun!

  7. OH Love this look! I don't have any pink anything either...actually I have some pink shoes, but I think that's the extent of it! Cute belt though for sure!!

  8. You know I didnt have pink in my closet for so many years but I have it in accessories now. it must feel nice to get lots of mileage out of one pink belt!

    xo Nav

  9. i think this might be one of my favorite outfits of yours! i love the stripes and the boots are amazing!!!

    i went to target today and found a missoni for target dress on sale! it was a maxi. i thought of you :)

  10. oooh. great boots! i always become MORE obsessed with boots during fall...guess cause i see y'all wearing them...yet they are so impractical for us here! nice with the skirt!

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