Thursday, October 6, 2011

Big Plans

For some reason, pink and yellow worn together never fails to make me think of strawberry lemonade, which just screams SUMMER!! to me. And with the previously mentioned 47 degree mornings that I've been waking up to lately, it is most definitely not summer in Atlanta. But with the black and gray of the outfit, I thought I needed something a little happier to offset the dreary neutrals.

Because I have been one big dreary neutral, lately, and I am bound and determined to cheerfully dress myself out of my funk. This is my favorite time of year, and work stress aside, I plan to enjoy it.

On the list this weekend? Pumpkin patching, apple picking, county fair fried food eating, and patio drinking. While watching football, of course. Seriously, how could you not love fall, right?

So...what are you looking forward to for the weekend?

Top: Style & Co (Macy's)
 Cardigan: Target
Skirt: Calvin Klein (Macy's)
Belt: Target
Shoes: Nine West


  1. Pink and yellow is a favorite combo of mine! It looks great!

    That's the spirit! Get dressed, go pumpkin patching, patio drinking and football watching! Work can be set aside for the weekend so you can relax!

  2. Love how you spiced up your neutrals with the pink and yellow! sounds like you have a great weekend planned! This weekend is Alex's birthday, so going to be a busy weekend for me.

  3. Very fall appropriate colors, especially with all your weekend plans. I'm not sure what I'm doing yet... but I'm definitely going to take advantage of the gorgeous (and possibly last) non-fall-like weather!

  4. I love your whole look! The belt is my favorite part though--super cute.
    I also love fall and you explained why very well...especially the football part! Go Patriots!! LOL
    Monday is Columbus Day, and my husband gets time off from work and my son from school, so we are headed to my parents home in VA to enjoy a fall weekend with family:-)

  5. great pops of color for this outfit, sounds like a perfect fall weekend planned! it's friday here and we're going to the beach, there may be an american expat kickball game this weekend

  6. you did a good job making pink and yellow look like fall! i love going to the pumpkin patch. this weekend i'm excited cuz it's the hubby's bday and i'm surprising him by taking him away for the night. it'll be a nice break from the kiddos!

  7. Those activities should definitely bring you out of your funk! =) I love all those colors together!

  8. I love how your brightened up this outfit with a yellow belt. Hope you had a great weekend!

  9. Lovely pink and yellow combo! Hope your weekend went well! Sounds like you had lots of fun stuff to do :)


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