Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I wore this outfit to work last week, on the day that I happened to have a dentist appointment in the afternoon. In addition to telling me that I looked 24 (which, I don't) and that she could tell I flossed every day (which, again, I don't, unless she meant flossing every day in the week leading up to a dentist appointment, which I totally do...), the hygienist asked me if I worked in fashion. Because she'd never think of pairing polka dots with a red skirt, so she was really impressed that I had.

And all I could think, in addition to thinking this might be the nicest, most over-the-top-enthusiastic dental hygienist I'd ever encountered (which I think might be saying a lot, because I've met some really enthusiastic dental hygienists in my day...but this one gave me TWO tubes of travel toothpaste AND a small sample bottle of Lysterine, in addition to the typical toothbrush/floss combination, so she totally wins), was that I needed to introduce this poor woman to some fashion blogs. Because pairing red/black/white/one pattern is nothing compared to some of the amazingly awesome ensembles I've seen across the internet.

But hey, a compliment is a compliment, and I'll take it. I just need to make sure I'm on my game when I head back in six months...

I don't want to disappoint her, after all.

Blouse: H&M
Cardigan: Express
Skirt: Banana Republic (outlet)
Shoes: Nine West
Bracelet: Francesca's

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Also, you can find my post about the skirt the company sent me to review here.


  1. Is this hygienist living under a rock? Everyone knows polka dots and a red skirt look totally awesome together! You look fabulous :) At least you got some extra goodies at the dentist, lol!

  2. She was right...this outfit looks great!! I m loving the color and shape of that skirt!! Not only are you stylish, but apparently, so are your teeth!

  3. ooohhhh, love this! the polka dots with the red skirt and black tights...gorgeous! great look. and gotta love a friendly hygienist :)


  4. Polka dots with the red skirt are so cute!

  5. Ahahaha you make me laugh! You do look super chic and stylish! I'd think you work in fashion too. What a sweet hygienist... which reminds me, I really need to make a dentist appt!


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