Monday, November 21, 2011

Workin' it...

Ordinarily, Mondays are my days at home, when I spend my time hanging out with Brigid, finishing up the laundry from the weekend, and just generally recovering from the previous two days of 'relaxation' that are Saturday and Sunday. But this week, since I already have a shortened schedule, and Steve is working from home due to some office relocations that are going on in our building, I am braving the big bad world of Monday, and heading into the office for the day.

I don't know how you guys manage to do this every week!

(Also, knock on every piece of wood within a 5 mile radius that they don't take my flex schedule away from me anytime soon. I don't know what I'd do without it...)


But, before I's Inspiration Monday at Two Birds!

The inspiration:

And the look (please note it is too darn cold around here for me to be wearing short sleeves...and I am referring to my 50-ish degree office, and not the 70-ish degree weather outside. oh Georgia, I love you and your 70-degree November...):

(Please excuse my attempt to show that the stripes on my sweater were, in fact, navy blue, and not black, like my camera is trying to show...)

Sweater: Gap
Pants: The Limited
Shoes: Nine West
Necklace: Calvin Klein (outlet) 

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Also, you can find my post about the skirt the company sent me to review here.


  1. It's always fun to change up the schedule once in awhile, especially on Mondays since it's usually slow due to people still recovering from the weekend ;) *jealous of Georgia's nice weather* Stay warm and cozy inside!

  2. Jealous you normally have Mondays off, but sometimes a change in routine is nice. Love this warm and cozy sweater!

  3. That sweater looks so warm and cozy! I would love something like that! Very nice!

  4. you look so cozy! it's funny because it's supposed to be 50 here in minnesota this week, and we all think that is a huge heat wave this time of year!

  5. Great look and I know how you feel about working on your normal day off. I don't work Fridays and would feel out of sorts working on a Friday! Hope your day is great!

  6. My camera does that too. Everything dark turns to black in the pictures! Black or navy, I still love that cozy sweater!

  7. I bought that same sweater :) It's so cute!

  8. loving your striped cable knit sweater. it looks warm :)

    mondays are usually my sorta lazy days with the girls where i recover from the weekend. bummer you had to go into the office. but it's a short week and it'll be a good one!!!

  9. This sweater is definitely a warmer version. I have to say i'm not even enjoying this NC 70's weather...well, I am, but it's just so hard to dress for. Sweating in the middle of the day and shivering in the evening! I think I'm just ready to pull my sweaters out for keeps:-)
    Nice IM look!


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