Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I am not a huge fan of winter. I don't like cold weather. I don't like gray skies. And I really, really don't like icy winds.

I like fall. I love November and December, because I'm a holiday nut. But once January hits? I'd like to skip forward to May, thank you very much.

But there are a few things about winter that make it a little more bearable in my mind, if you're going to insist that I be out and about in it...

Tights and boots are awesome, obviously, as are scarves and fun hats. A pretty winter coat? Yes, please. Starbucks in cold weather is kind of perfect, too. And then there's tweed.

I love a pretty tweed.

Of course, even with this list, it's still only enough cheer to get me through to February, maybe the beginning of March, at the most. Then I'm just kind of over it all and want nothing more than to start planning a beach trip effectivie immediately.

But, I guess it's a start...

So, help me out...what are your secrets for surviving the dreary weather? And if your answer is 'I live in Florida or California, so it's no big thing...', then I might be moving in with you in a couple of months. I clean up after myself really well, I promise!

Dress: Tahari (from Dillards)
Cardigan: J Crew (outlet)
Belt: Target
Shoes: Nine West


  1. I like tweed too. It's very Jackie Kennedy and classy. My only advice for dressing in the winter is to wear lots of color. It at least helps brighten your day during the crappy cold weather! Heather

  2. That dress is so great...tweed makes me feel classy and regal, not sure why. I love how you paired the neutral dress with the bright cardi! I deal with winter by layering!

  3. I love tweed (and winter and snow!)!! :) Just enjoy the cold weather before the obnoxiously hot summer arrives... I hate summer.

  4. The tweed looks great, and it's so perfect for fall! Love the cardi you paired it with :)

  5. ooh, pretty dress!! love the embellishments on the neckline.

    feel free to come visit us here where it's summer all year, you'll be wishing for a frigid cold day!!

    What's the next line? Help write the story!

  6. LOVE that dress! It looks so warm. I really like the colors.

  7. Hahaha, you're more than welcome! =) I'm exactly like you. I like the cold weather during the holidays because it makes it feel so holiday-ish. But when January hits, it just starts feeling depressing! Let's all move to Hawaii, shall we? ;)

  8. love the tweed dress and it looks fantastic with that belt and the blue sweater. love how you added color with those!


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