Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Long-time listener, first-time caller

Do any of you ever listen to talk radio? I have Sirius satellite radio in my car, and I tend to listen to a lot of it when I'm driving, generally of the sports talk kind.

(Except for these next two months, of course. Because these next two months are Christmas music months!)

(No, I don't plan on talking about Christmas every day until it finally gets here...)

(Actually, yes. Yes, I do...sorry. I love the holiday season.)

And it never fails that, anytime you listen to the call-in portion of any talk radio show, you always, always, ALWAYS hear someone who calls in to tell the host that, although they've been listening to the program for years, it was the subject of discussion on that particular day that made them realize they just had call to share their opinion. And these callers are usually my favorite part of these shows, because it's always interesting to see just what that topic is that made them realize they didn't want to sit by and not share their thoughts. Sometimes it's surprising to see just what might get someone worked up.

Of course, this has nothing to do with anything today. But I've had this skirt forever (, years, forever), and I've never worn it. Not once. But I've kept it around because it's too pretty to donate, and I knew I'd eventually work it into the rotation. And now seemed as good a time as any...

Long-time closet inhabitant, first-time outfit participant, I guess.

Sweater: Gap
Cardigan: NY & Company
Skirt: Kenneth Cole
Boots: White Mountain (from DSW)


  1. hee hee! that's funny! I usually yell at the caller on the talk radio show for the stupid things they say.

    You should get this skirt out more often, it is awesome!

  2. What a cute outfit! I love those boots!

  3. LOL--I get a kick out of those sports radio shows too. I love when a caller calls in just so the host can stay quiet for a few seconds...loving to hear yourself talk is probably a requirement for the job though:-)
    You did well not to donate this beauty of a skirt! I'm glad you brought it out of exile.

  4. Oooh, how can you have never worn it?? I love it! It's so pretty! And just perfect with the boots, too!

  5. Love your skirt...adorable color and texture!

  6. loving that skirt and the boots are gorgeous! i never listen to anything but "Sound of Music" lately since that's all my daughter wants to hear, and only a few of the songs too. i wish i could listen to my choice :)

  7. The skirt is really cute and classic! I hope you do decided to put it into rotation more often.


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