Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Never happy?

Last week, we had a nice little overnight freeze that killed off the one plant I have on my back porch that I've managed to keep alive for longer than a month because I wasn't expecting the freeze, so I didn't get the poor guy in before it happened. It was so cold, the temperature inside our house had dropped to 61 in certain rooms, because we had the thermostat set on 63.

Cold. Yuck.

But yesterday? It was 71 outside. And our house was 76 degrees as a result. The only way to cool it down at all would have been to turn on the AC. In November. Which is definitely not happening.

So, if you need me, I'll be over here, wilting away in the heat, like the delicate little flower that I am. And if you want to come back next week, I'll be sure to complain about the icebox I'm living in when the temperatures return to normal levels.

I'm sure you can't wait...

T-shirt: J Crew
Sweater: BCBG
Cord Leggings: Gap
Shoes: Cole Haan
Bracelets: Mango Tree

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Also, you can find my post about the skirt the company sent me to review here.


  1. I love this outfit...that sweater looks so cozy and I love all the neutrals...It is almost 60 here today and it might be 30 by the weekend...crazy weather!!

  2. Hahaha I have to laugh at this post. My husband just HAD to turn the air on last night. He can't stand when it's humid in the apartment. However, I hate turning it on to turn it off two days from now. I wish the weather would pick a season and stay!!

  3. Oooh that sweater is so cute! We had the air on for about three days because it just would not cool off, with fans and the windows open. Now I'm freezing. Hehe!

  4. you're hilarious! loving that sweater. it's gorgeous!



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