Monday, April 23, 2012

The boots are back...

Winter was abnormally warm. We hit 80 degrees in February/March, and it was lovely. And I happily packed my boots away for the spring/summer, because it was just way too warm to wear them.

And then April hit.

And it has been cold, cold, cold. It's either 70 and rainy, with that damp chill that I so hate, or it's 60 degrees, and we have a wind advisory. It's nothing compared to those poor people getting hit with mountains and mountains of snow today, of course, but it doesn't make it any less necessary to pull the boots back out of their boxes.

One of these days...

Dress: BCBG Maz Azria (from Dillards)
Sweater: J Crew (outlet)
Boots: DSW


  1. Nope - I won't do it. The boots are all packed away in a storage tub in the garage and I WILL NOT GET THEM BACK OUT. You, however, look way cute in your black/green/white combo! Always a winner, I say.

  2. Mother nature is so cruel for pulling a fast one on us this year. Teasing us with hot weather then BAM, we don't know what hit us. Sigh. I'm glad your boots weren't put away for the season -- the brown looks gorgeous against the green!

  3. Don't you worry... You'll be back in sandals by Saturday. :)


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