Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bright Side

It's been rainy and dreary and generally icky today, which is never fun. But I'm in the mood to look at the bright side of things, which doesn't happen as often as it should because pessimism can be so much easier most of the time. bright side list:
1) We went out for pizza last night, because Steve's uncle and cousin were in town for the evening, on their way to Florida. And I have leftovers! Pizza TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW!!
(My bright side standards are, possibly, remarkably low...)
2) Because it is so rainy and dreary and generally icky today, my mother-in-law decided her and Brigid were staying in for the day. And since they were going to stay in anyway, my MiL decided today would be a good day to jump into the potty training process that Steve and I have started a couple of times now, but have always had to stop because the schedule has never worked the way we needed it to. And she's also decided she'll keep it going tomorrow, too. And then Steve and I can take over for the Friday-Monday weekend schedule we operate over here. And then (I hope with all of my hope) we will be potty trained. And then we can start saving the million dollars a month we shell out in diapers right now. And then, I will buy her a pony with the savings.
Because that's how much I want that kid out of diapers already...
3) I have no plans this weekend. No plans. Except for picking up a friend from the aiport on Saturday. Other than plans. Which means Steve and I can finish getting Brigid's new room put together, and she can finally start sleeping in the big girl bed she's been so excited about.
I am conveniently ignoring the fact that said big girl bed is currently in a million and a half IKEA pieces, and that the putting together of all of these pieces is going to be a massive challenge for Steve and I, and you will, too, if you care about my well-being, at all.
4) Did I ever mention that I finally finished the Dragon Tattoo series? I have never been so happy to be done with a series, I think. Unless you count the Bourne Identity series, which was so, so, so terrible that I didn't even TRY to read anything other than the first book. And that NEVER happens to me. Ever.
So bad.
5) I splurged and hit the vending machine for peanut butter crackers today. I never do that. And I LOVE peanut butter crackers.
What about you? What's getting you through this lovely Wednesday?

Skirt: Kohls
Blouse: Banana Republic (outlet)
Sweater: Gap (outlet)
Shoes: Nine West


  1. Love those blue heels. Pizza two days in a row makes me pretty happy too!! Congrats that the MIL is going to work on the potty training...that was the bane of my existence with the boys!

  2. Considering my lack of sleep, I'm not entirely sure what's getting me through today. Although you posted this yesterday, so I'd have to say what got me through Wednesday was leaving early and then having fun plans for the evening. Hence the reason I didn't get enough sleep for today.

    Anyway. Pizza two nights in a row is awesome! And just think how great you'll feel once that big girl bed is all done. I'm hoping the potty training will be a huge success for you! My girl wasn't really trained until just before her 4th birthday. FOURTH! That's crazy. And it wasn't for lack of trying, let me tell you. I understand how you feel!


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