Thursday, April 12, 2012

I stress myself out BECAUSE I LOVE IT!

We've decided to redecorate Brigid's room to accomodate the new bed we're getting her, and I am ridiculously excited about it, because lately I've been thinking it would absolutely be worth the hassle of moving someplace new if I could just start from scratch on the household decorating front, again.

And that's just crazy talk, right there, because I decided after our last move that nothing is worth the hassle of moving into a new house. NOTHING. And I don't intend to forget that feeling any time soon.

Unless that move involved beachfront property, that is. Then I'd consider it...

Anyway, I blame Pinterest for this newfound love of interior design, because there are just so many amazing ideas out there that it's hard not to get caught up in wanting to DECORATE IT ALL, RIGHT NOW!! Seriously, I want to paint all of the furniture, hang all of the things, and buy all of the light fixtures.

But, instead, I will settle for this one tiny room redecoration. With no painting of the furniture, very little hanging of the things, and no buying any of the light fixtures.

(Well, maybe no buying any of the light fixtures. I am still not convinced I won't find the most adorable chandelier-type princess light that I will HAVE to buy and install in Brigid's room. I wouldn't put it past me, really...)

I have spent the last two days scouring the Pinterest boards for any and all decorating ideas, and I plan to do it all day tomorrow, too, because we've set Saturday as the day we're going out for paint samples and IKEA shopping.

(IKEA!! Yay!!)

But, beyond that...I'm a little lost. Who should I be following on Pinterest for their pretty pinning of room inspirations? Where else should I be looking for amazing decorating ideas? What awesome interior design sites am I missing out on by my limited knowledge of the Internet? Why am I getting myself all worked up (mostly in a good way...) over some vague idea of a room design that I may or may not have already settled on?



(Have I ever mentioned that I have no idea where my daughter gets her ability to over-react to any given situation at any given time? Really...NO IDEA.)

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