Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bright Side

I am trying to cut down on my caffeine intake right now, and because I drink a lot of coffee (I mean, A LOT of coffee), I've had to find something to take its place. Because, I don't drink coffee just for the caffeine (although that is also a major perk of the stuff...). I drink it to keep warm in my frigid office, to keep myself from mindlessly snacking my way through the morning, and just as a general treat when my day seems like it will go on FOR.EV.ER.

So, tea. I've been drinking A LOT of tea these days.

Which brings me to my looking-on-the-bright-side list o'the week:

1) When you pour a cup of coffee, then get busy and forget to drink it, you might as well just pour the stuff straight down the drain, because there is very little chance of recovery for cold coffee. When you do the same thing with hot tea? It cools down, and you just pretend you're drinking iced tea. EVERYBODY WINS!

2) It's supposed to be warm again, this weekend, so I can put the nasty weather we've had the last few days out of my mind for awhile. Sunshine = HAPPY ME!

3) My soon-to-be sister-in-law (although, according to Steve and his internet research, she's not really going to be my sister-in-law, she's just going to be my brother-in-law's wife, but I don't care. She will be my SiL, and SHE WILL LIKE IT!!) asked me to be a bridesmaid, and we're going to look at dresses this weekend. I like pretty dresses...

4) Brigid hasn't figured out she can get out of her new big girl bed all by herself, yet. Let's all hope she keeps this up until she's about 18, or so...

5) Keebler makes this cookie, called the Coconut Dream...and it tastes JUST LIKE those coconut cookies the Girl Scouts sell. And those are, like, my favorite GS cookie, ever. Or, at least, they're currently in a three-way tie with Thin Mints and the peanut butter cookie as my favorite GS cookie, ever. Or, maybe that's a four-way tie? I mean, I do really, really love the lemon sandwich cookies, too.

Man...Girl Scout cookies are the best, you know?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. She's totally going to be your sister-in-law. Have you ever heard someone say, "Oh my brother-in-law's wife's kids are... ". Not me! :)

    When I tried cutting out caffeine, I chose to fill it with Crystal Light (strawberry banana, I think). The red food dye seriously keeps me awake. I'm like a little kid!

  2. I hate you for telling us about those cookies - they sound HEAVENLY. I will be on the lookout next time I go to Kroger.

    Also, yes on sister-in-law. My husband's brother's wife is my sister-in-law. I have never heard it any other way!

  3. Have you tried the Grasshopper cookies by Keebler? They taste just like the GS Thin Mints. Yum :)

    I cut out caffeine for awhile and I went through the horrible headache withdraws. Tea is a good alternative though. Hope to see the dress for your sister in laws wedding posted. Have fun shopping! Heather

  4. Oh, I loved it when Gabe didn't know he could get out of his toddler bed! Now, he's way past figuring that out (a big ole full size bed now) and he's in and out of my room all. night. long. =/ And... that's why I still drink coffee! lol


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