Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Place

The two days that Brigid and I spent with my family in Florida were absolutely gorgeous. Sunny, mid-80s, slight couldn't have been more perfect.

I spent the mornings on the beach with the kid, the afternoons reading on the porch and talking to my parents while Brigid napped, and the evenings eating.

(Ok, let's be honest...I was on vacation...I spent ALL DAY eating. But I managed to kick it up a notch in the evenings. My performance was impressive, to say the least.)

The's my happy place. I love the sand and the sun and the sounds of the ocean. I love the smell. I love the water. If I feel exceptionally stressed about anything, it's the one place I want to go to make my life sane again.

You will never, ever be able to convince me that I moved far enough south when I moved to Atlanta. If it had been 100% up to me, I would have kept going until I hit the water. And I still think I will, at some point, even if that point is in the very distant future.


It started to rain in Panama City Beach as I left on Tuesday, and it's more or less rained every day since I've been gone.

Florida misses me, it seems.

The feeling is mutual...

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  1. i soooo love the beach too! it's always so relaxing. i went running on the beach today with Bucket and it started to rain!!!


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