Thursday, April 19, 2012

A break in the ban...

I have been ridiculously good in my self-imposed no shopping initiative this year, to the point that I can walk into Target, and I can walk out WITHOUT BUYING ANYTHING OTHER THAN WHAT I WENT IN FOR!!!

And that, my friends, is what we call a break through.
But, one of the reasons I started this ban, besides realizing that my closet was getting much more full than any one closet needed to be, was because I had thoughts about trying to work out a single income budget for my household, so that I could maybe start staying home with little Miss B full-time. And now that I'm in my first week of a recently accepted new job, that doesn't seem like it's something that's going to happen any time soon.

And I'm fine with that.

For now, anyway.

However, I think this also means that I'm going to relax my restrictions on myself, at least a bit. I've really been enjoying having extra money to set aside for future fun, and I am a budget nerd who gets an enormous kick out of seeing my savings balance rise each month, but I also like something new and shiny every so often. So, I'm not going to beat myself up when I do treat myself to that new and shiny something.

Or, new and shiny somethings, as it were...

Gorjana leather and chain wrap bracelets, purchased on I have a real obsession with wrap bracelets these days, because I love the way they multiply as you wear them. A double and triple wrap? It's like two or three bracelets in one!

See? It's like I'm SAVING money for myself...

And then I also picked up these token necklaces from T stands for Tara and Trenton, NJ transportation. But, mostly, in my mind, Tara. And, obviously, I couldn't say no to the little Indianapolis Raceway token, because I will always be a Hoosier at heart, and I haven't really come across a lot of Indiana related jewelry in all of my shopping escapades.

So, necessary makes sense to me!

(If you're interested in either HauteLook or Fab invites because you've not already sold your soul to every discount membership site on the Internet (like I have, sadly), let me know, and I'll flip an email your way...)


  1. Oh, I want a T necklace! Also - I am wanting a Le Mer wrap watch (one in a lovely neon magenta shade) SO BADLY right now... maybe I can buy a wrap bracelet to suffice for now. Also also - we are ACTUALLY looking at a single-income household in... let's see, I'm on week 13 of a 19-week long severance, so less than six weeks? And I bought three tops at LOFT today. I did, however, walk away from a gorgeous pair of flamingo pink suede almond toe stilettos at Macy's. Because they were $89 and being a SAHM doesn't really allow for a lot of occasions to sport such a pair of shoes.

  2. I want those bracelets!! I need to get some real ones and stop using my skinny belts. lol

  3. Great buys...I too have succumed to Love those Gorjana bracelets! I am also afraid then when I start working only part-time that the shopping budget is going to be slim to none!!

  4. Good for you for lasting SO long on your ban!! :) Pretty sure you've earned anything you want to buy for yourself!


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