Monday, July 30, 2012

Decorating a house I don't own...

The bad news: In about a month, my parents will be moving out of the house they've lived in for almost 20 years, leaving behind a 100+ years old farmhouse on five acres in the middle of nowhere Indiana, complete with pool, pool house, and pond, and moving into a much smaller house located in town, where all of the things we've always loved to do at my parents' house will no longer be available to us.


The good news: In addition to this smaller house? They're also in the process of buying a townhouse on the beach in Florida.

Not as sad, anymore.

I, of course, immediately started a Pinterest board to decorate the place, like it's my very own beach house or something, and headed off to the Pottery Barn outlet for a little bit of window shopping, too. A few of my wishes?
It's hard to tell with the iPhone pictures, but this is the color palette I want her to use in at least one of the bedrooms. It just screams BEACH!!%$#%! to me.

Seashell pillow. Because, of course.
Starfish pillow. See above.
Coral candle holders? Same.

I'm trying to talk my mom into a nautical themed family room, with navy blue furnishings (because they're planning to rent the place out for the next few years, and light colored furniture is kind of a no-no in a rental, I think) and a pale gray wall, so I think rope accents would be perfect, right?
Green and light blue. Just like the ocean!
Linen picture frames, with beach scenes in them would fit perfectly on a shelf in the family room, I think.
I love the look of distressed wood in furniture (even though I think this distressing is most likely factory made), so I will be on the look-out for some new side tables when I hit up the antique stores on our Florida vacation in September.
Bedroom number two, perhaps?

Seriously...this is almost as much fun as decorating for Christmas, you guys!


  1. How fun for your parents!! What part of FL? I love decorating!

  2. How exciting! This is exactly how I will decorate my Florida vacation home someday too :) Heather

  3. I DROOLED when I read what your parents were leaving in IN. AND SOBBED. My husband's heart went pitter patter through osmosis.



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