Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Months That Were: April through June

Hey! Look! We're halfway through the year!!!

I...well, I don't approve of this at all. Time is moving entirely too fast for my choosing these days. Who do I talk to about slowing things the eff down?

Anyway, let's see where I stand on my 2012 goals at the halfway mark, shall we?

1) Clean/reorganize my closet. - I bought an over-the-door shoe storage contraption that allowed me to get rid of a ton of shoe boxes that were cluttering things up. Plus I bagged up some donation stuff. And I threw out almost all of my old make-up. And no, I don't keep my make-up in my closet, so it probably doesn't really count as part of my closet cleaning initiative, but I'm going to take a victory where I can right now.

2) Institute a monthly date night with Steve. - Yeah, after a stellar first quarter, this has kind of gone by the wayside these last few months. I blame my pregnancy and the inability to stay awake past 8:30PM. But we do eat lunch together twice a week, alone, if that counts for anything. (No? It doesn't? Fine...I'll work on this.) 
3) Make sure one of those monthly dates is a really, really nice dinner somewhere. - I'm still waiting.

4) Put together a Christmas/Advent activity calendar for Brigid. - Like I would ever actually take the time to plan this far ahead...

5) Do one Pinterest-found craft or implement one Pinterest-inspired design idea each month. - I made my sister a fun little money book as a graduation present, I made two batches of watermelon strawberry lemonade (of which I drank all but maybe one glass of, because IT IS TOO GOOD TO SHARE!!), and...uh...I have big plans for Halloween. That's about it.
6) Call my college friends at least once a month. - I am still very, very bad at this.

7) Facetime with my sister(s) once a week. - I am, however, still all over this one. And it is still one of my favorites.
8) Make a meal entirely on my own (I don't cook, so this might be the biggest one of the year!) - We bought a slow cooker recipe book. A slow cooker meal counts as a meal, I think.
I mean, I still haven't made anything yet, but I will. At some point.
9) Create an art wall in my staircase. - No.

10) Organize a playroom for Brigid. - No.

11) Organize a workspace for me. - No.

12) Give up meat for a month. - No.
Well, this was a rough stretch of the list, wasn't it?

13) Take Brigid on a picnic in the park, just the two of us. - We've still only done this once, but I have taken her on two separate picnics at the pool this summer, just the two of us, and I think that is much more appropriate for the hell-ish Atlanta summer we're currently enjoying.

14) Read at least one book a month. - Read this year: Three Hunger Games books, three Dragon Tattoo books, Bossypants (Tina Fey), Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (Mindy Kaling), three Fifty Shades of Grey books, and both Divergent and Insurgent (Veronica Roth). I think there were a few more, non-Kindle books in there, but for the life of me, I can't remember what they were. Maybe it's just dream reading on my part?
Next up on my list: Good in Bed (Jennifer Weiner) and The Great Gatsby (because the movie is coming out, and I've never read it, which is probably something I should remedy at some point in my life.)

15) Take Brigid to South Bend for a weekend. - This definitely will not happen, as I will be into my third trimester (AKA: the no fly zone) by the time football season starts, which is the only reason we want to take her up there, anyway.
16) Get a mirror or painting for the dining room wall. - YES!!! WE DID IT!!! IKEA TO THE RESCUE!!! I should probably take a picture or something, to prove that I'm not making these things up...

17) Do the 30 Day Shred for the full 30 days. - Oh, I did it, all right. But I do NOT look like Jillian Michaels, and I would like my 30 days back now, please.

18) Research/practice meditation. - A little bit. I found an excellent app for the iPad that leads you through a nice, short session, but I don't use it nearly as often as I should.

19) Find a 'mommy and me' class of some sort for Brigid and I to attend. - No.

20) Write something, anything, not blog related. - No.

21) Take a bubble bath once a month, just because. - I've kind of gotten away from this the last month or two. See: falling asleep at 8:30PM, above.

22) Take one lunch break a week, even if it's only 15 minutes, to sit somewhere quiet and recalibrate/reflect/replan the next few days. - No. In fact, I am (still) failing miserable at this one.

23) LAPS everyday. - Ditto (still).

24) Implement a $50/month budget (for all gratuitous expenses: make-up, lunches, coffee, clothing, accessories), and stick to it. - I honestly have completely lost track of this, but it's safe to say I am not within my guidelines right now (An extra 25% off of the Kate Spade sale, anyone?). Time to readjust. 
25) Give up carbs for January and February. Except maybe birthday cake, because I am not a machine. - Pregnant. I'm pregnant until December. This is sooooooo not happening this year. 
Maybe I meant next January and February? Because that makes much more sense right now...


  1. You are trying and that is really all that matters. Hope your power is back.. Being preggo in the heat is horrible...a/c is your friend.

  2. Two comments:

    1) How in the world did you make it out of high school without reading The Great Gatsby? I've read it countless times thanks to teaching, but I have to say it's one of my favorites. The kids likes it. My favorite lesson (not that you care) is that I make them research songs that would make great theme songs for the book. I open the assignment by playing "Every Breath You Take" by the Police because Gatsby is a serious creeper. The kids get a kick out of it.

    2) A crock pot is the BEST way to make meals. I can give you a yummy recipe for chicken and dumplings. Mine is in use all fall and winter making soup!!

  3. A crock pot meal counts.

    I need to throw out my old makeup...I have makeup from my early 20s in my bathroom...uh, hello. If I haven't used it in the last 10 years, I'm probably not going to. This goes for nail polishes, too.

    I have it on my list to MAKE A LIST. Maybe next year.

  4. You're pregnant which means you should be able to eat all the carbs you want! I totally did because it helped with the morning/all day sickness and heartburn :)

    And watermelon strawberry lemonade!?! Mmmm please share the recipe!

    I gave up resolutions this year because I never end up fulfilling them. Big surprise, right? Haha :)


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