Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July Birchbox

There was a little bit of Birchbox drama around these parts this month because I got my shipping notification at the beginning of the month, but it was showing that it would be two weeks before it was actually delivered. And that was annoying to me.

But THEN! After only a few days, my tracking information showed that the box was delivered in a much shorter time period than that two week estimated window, which was great...except for the fact that I still hadn't seen anything actually delivered to me. Because the mailman had, on one particular day, tried to give us the mail for our neighbors up the street, he figured that our mail had been left for our neighbors down the street.

You know, the ones who had just left for a week-long vacation.

Luckily, my dear, sweet husband is not as worried about mail-related felonies as I am, because he had no problem getting into their mailbox to rescue my Birchbox.

(And, really, they'd put a stop on their mail delivery while they were gone, so the only thing in their mailbox was our stuff, anyway.)

(AND and, they don't have a covered front porch, and we got a lot of rain while they were gone, so I rescued two packages that had been delivered for them, and stored those in my garage until they got back, to keep their stuff safe. So it all evens out, right?)

Anyway, the delivery...

GLOSS Moderne High Gloss Masque for hair: It definitely made my hair softer, but I don't know that I really noticed much of a difference in the shine when I used it. Of course, that could be more because I am about six months overdue for a hair cut and less because the product doesn't work quite as well as they say it does, but whatever...

Harvey Prince Hello: This officially qualifies as the first time I've liked a perfume scent they've sent me in my Birchbox. It's light and flowery and makes me want to spend all day outside in a garden. It's possibly my new favorite summer scent, I think.

Ada Cosmetics Bronzer: I needed a new bronzer, so excellent timing on this delivery! I like how it works, but I much prefer a compact bronzer to a loose powder, just because I ALWAYS make a mess with loose powder. I'm not so graceful with stuff like this...

Stila Lip Glaze: I don't think I've ever met a color of this stuff that I don't like. They are some of the most universally flattering lip glosses, ever.

And then if you throw in a Larabar and a pair of headphones? Well, you have the makings of a good box o' samples, right there. I think this is two or three in a row where I have been extremely happy with what I've received, and considering the first one or two weren't the best selections ever, I'm finally starting to think I'll be really sad when my subscription runs out. I LIKE new make-up, you know?

I'm glad Steve rescued this one for me from the neighbors, that's for sure.

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