Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Round-Up

So, give it to me I the only one who loves to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, but then can't watch any of the actual Olympic competitions because seeing people lose what they've been working so hard to win for so many years is just more than my hormone addled heart can handle?


Ok. Carry on, then.


Friday links, anyone?

I love these gift ideas, both in the post itself and in the comments. I know what EVERYONE is getting from me FOREVER from now on!

I couldn't find this exact candy corn wine bottle pin on Pinterest, but I found something pretty similar to add to my Halloween board. I think maybe if I can keep the paint kind of thin, I can shove some batter powered lights in there, too, for a little extra something. (Did I mention I start decorating for Halloween over Labor Day weekend? Because I do...)

I intend to make this tomato sauce, if Steve and I ever get around to growing tomatoes again. Which we will. I think.

I ABSOLUTELY intend to pick up a pair of these bracelets, if we can ever get around to naming baby number two at any point in the near future. I already have a couple of Alex and Ani bracelets, and I love them!

I may or may not have hit up Ebay for the J Crew bubble necklace, the minute I saw this post go up.

I love this story, because it just goes to show that there really ARE good people in the world, even though that can be hard to remember sometimes.

And this one, because sometimes I need to remember it's not always what I get accomplished in a day that defines that day for me...

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!

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