Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Round-Up

We are off to the lake this weekend, for a belated 4th of July celebration and cook-out. I don't think it's supposed to top 100 degrees in the next few days, so we're already miles ahead of where we were last weekend, on the enjoyment scale...


Anyone interested in my favorite links?

A few additions to my outfit inspiration folder in the last couple of weeks can be found here, here, and here, while my budget is trying to talk me out of searching for the adorable anchor sweatshirt, posted here.

I'm still not sure why I don't live in Hawaii.

I definitely need a rapid dry topcoat for my nails that actually works, and I've been dying to try a sea spray for my hair.

Cheap and easy organization ideas for my bathroom and my kitchen? Yes, please.

I think this is a great list of gift ideas for that new mom you might know...

How much fun would it be to host a swap party? I wish I knew more people in Atlanta who would be interested in doing this, because I think it would be an AWESOME way to declutter and reclutter with new things.

And finally, I love Jen Lancaster. Love. With all of my heart. And I just got a giftcard to Amazon for my birthday (which was in February, but I'm not complaining...), and I more or less want to spend it all on books for my Kindle, and now I have some idea of what those books should be. Because I trust her taste in books, Ambien and all.


I hope you all have a lovely, lovely weekend...and here's to everyone keeping their power this time around, OK?

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