Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Casual Monday

I've been remarkably lucky with my work schedule since Brigid has come along, as my company allows me to manage my full-time schedule over four days instead of five. I was using Friday as my flex day, but due to a scheduling change on Steve's part, I've shifted my off day from Friday to Monday. And I am kind of looking forward to it, actually, because Monday's are terrible, terrible days. And now I get to spend them at home.


On a completely unrelated note, do you ever get dressed and think, 'I don't think my mom wore something like this when she was my age...'?

Sometimes, I think I am younger in my mind than I am in reality. I have a hard time reconciling the two, you know?

T-shirt: INC (from Macy's)
Skirt: J Crew
Shoes: Cole Haan


  1. Cute and comfy! As long as we're not rocking a belly shirt and booty shorts from our age and up...I think we are good to go! hahaha!

  2. You look comfy, but still cute! I love it!

    I often wonder the same thing. lol Honestly, in my head, I'm still 25... Not about to turn 32! Eesh, I don't want to get old! lol

  3. haha, i don't think my mom wore ANYTHING i wear now...haha. except maybe bell bottoms! i feel young in the mind, too...but sometimes the body does not agree!

  4. Love this combo of the pink skirt with the embellished tshirt! In my head I sometimes still think I am young, but them my body reminds me that I am 35!

  5. Hi There,
    Found you via another blogger's side bar.
    Very cute outfits.
    Love the sparkly tee you have on here.

  6. Oh you are way too adorable.

    I feel the same way, sometimes I think I'm younger in my head than I really am. That could end poorly...

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  7. Yep, I know what you mean about thinking you are younger than you really are. It's a hard concept for me sometimes.

    Love your skirt paired with the grey sparkle tee and flats!


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