Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Change is Good

When I started my new job a couple of months ago, I knew it was going to mean spending a significant amount of time at our recently acquired suburban-area office, and much less time working downtown. And that made me sad, because I like working in a downtown area. My favorite office location ever was when I lived in Cincinnati and worked right on Fountain Square. Plenty of food and shopping options all within walking distance of my office? Sign me up!

But the new office started to grow on me when I realized I could cut 10-20 minutes off of my commute every day. And this is especially true now that school is out, since the only spot of congestion I ever had to deal with involved the drop-off lane of a nearby elementary school backing up into the street and causing all sorts of traffic delays every morning.

And then, I started thinking about how even our downtown office wasn’t really ‘downtown’ enough for my liking. There are very few options in the area if you want to walk to lunch, and really, who is walking anywhere when it’s 100 degrees out, anyway? And the closest shopping area, if you have a quick errand you need to run on your lunch break, is at least 15 minutes away, when you factor in traffic and parking garage navigation.

So I started exploring the areas around the office, and wouldn’t you know it? The mall is a five minute drive from my office. FIVE MINUTES! Sure, it’s not the most fantastic mall in the Atlanta area. And it’s not quite as convenient as it would be if it were, say, located between my office and my spot in the parking garage.* But still, it’s more than I’ve had going for me in the last few (or seven, I guess…) years. And when you also factor in the Target, located five minutes from the office in the other direction, I’d say this new location will suit me just fine.

Now, just watch them pick us up and move us all back to the downtown office within the next month, right?

*Seriously, Cincinnati had it out for me. That wasn’t really the greatest mall, ever, either, but wanting to shop, and then being able to do so in the time it took me to ride the elevator to the 2nd floor and cross the skybridge? That may have been the birthplace of my shopping habit, right there. THERE WAS A SAKS, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

Also, this was before I developed a taste for online shopping. Obviously.

Worn to work Tuesday, 5/24
Blouse: Style & Co (from Macy's)
Sweater: J Crew Outlet
Skirt: Target
Shoes: Nine West 


  1. Oh, if only my office were 5 minutes from the mall!! My husband would probably choke. As it is, I'm 5 minutes from a shopping center that includes Target, TJMaxx and Maurices, so . . . yeah, I have to limit myself to like once a week or so. lol

    That color is gorgeous on you!

  2. I love your peep toe shoes! I'm glad your new office location has grown on you :)

  3. You look gorgeous, what a fabulous color on you! You always look so incredible in pencil skirts. I can't manage to tuck shirts into skirts. I just can't pull it off but you look absolutely amazing.

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  4. pretty top. really looks great on you! and i love how you now like your office location because of it's proximity to shopping. girl after my own heart!


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