Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Skirt That Won't Go Away!

I feel like I've been wearing this skirt way too much lately, but I guess when you have a piece you love, you might as well wear it until it falls apart, right?

And on a completely different tangent, let's talk about Target for a minute, shall we? See, I had such high hopes for the Calypso St. Barth collection, because the pieces just seemed so perfect for summer. Then I went and tried some things on, and absolutely nothing fit well, at all. But I loved it so much, that every time I went into Target, I'd see the collection, and I'd want to try again. So I'd pick up a few pieces I hadn't tried on yet, or I'd grab something that had been too sack-like in a smaller size, hoping for the best. But I was always disappointed.

Then the pieces started hitting the sales rack. And of course, I couldn't pass that up. So I grabbed a top that I had really, really wanted to love, in the absolutely smallest size that I could find. And wouldn't you know it? It finally worked! And at a discounted price, at that.

The sales gods were watching out for me on this one, I think.

Blouse: Target
Belt: Target
Skirt: Gap
Shoes: Nine West


  1. Cuuute!! If Nate weren't already on my case about spending too much money, I'd head straight over there and search for it in our sales racks! But the only money I'm spending this weekend is going straight to the Little Missy's birthday. Of course, I could be like Becky in Mini Shopaholic and buy something for her 18th birthday that I could wear in the meantime. =)

    Have you read the Shopaholic books? They crack me up!

  2. hehe yea I know what you mean, certain stores when I go in I really want to buy something but nothing ever fits!! you look great and love the skirt in these pic :D

  3. somehow things look a lot better when they are on the sale rack, lol! this is a very versatile are going to get a lot of wear out of it!

  4. Hooray for sale scores! :) I adore that skirt so you just keep on wearing it.

  5. Why do I not remember this top from the collection!? Now I'm going to have to hit up my Target. You know I never get tired of you wearing this skirt ;)

  6. cute outfit, especially the skirt. and you know how much i love target too. i got a Calypso dress but at the Goodwill by my mom. and i got it for $4! there was 1 and it was in my size. it doesn't fit perfect but it was $4 so, uh, i still got it!!!

  7. Lucky girl! I've been eyeing the Calypso collection for a while, but I haven't tried anything on. I'm cheap I guess, but there is no way I'm paying full price for clothes from Target!

    PS- My husband actually said to me the other day, "Aren't your blogger friends sick of seeing those sandals of yours?" Ha-- I've worn them everyday for a month! Whoops!

  8. Cute top and skirt! I like them both separately but together, the proportions just seem kind of off. Would it look funny if you tucked the shirt in to the skirt?

    and that top would be perfect over a pair of white pants for the summer. and just like Cee, I don't think I ever saw it at my Target! :( Really cute though! And yay for clearance racks!

  9. What a cute tunic! I always think shirts like that might look good on me but they never do. Oh, and if I owned that skirt I'd be wearing it as much too!

  10. Target clearance section always comes to the rescue!!! That top looks great and I can see why you love the skirt!

  11. cute outfit! i'm wearing a belt like that today~ i'm so jealous that calypso line showed up at target right when i moved to australia.
    the australian targets are NOT the same, they're like k-mart, and yes, i'm going to be a snob and say "eww."
    enjoy your weekend~


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