Thursday, June 2, 2011

Have a nice trip...

Things I Love:
This dress.

No-sugar-added instant hot chocolate.

Things I Don't Love:

Nearly tripping on my way from the breakroom to my office, carrying an overly-full cup of hot chocolate, and coming thisclose to scalding myself and ruining my dress.

I am grace personified. Obviously.

Worn to work Wednesday, 6/1
Dress: DKNY Outlet
Shoes: Steve Madden (from DSW)


  1. You look amazing in this dress!!! Phew, good thing youdidn't ruin that dress, or burn yourself!

  2. That comment above is from Ang at Love at First Shoe. For some reason it's not letting post comments under my Google profile :(

  3. Well, of course you love this dress! It's gorgeous on you! And ha, I had to laugh at the mental picture of you tripping. I'm not being mean, but yeah, I'm kind of like grace personified as well, so I can relate. =)

  4. That dress looks amazing on the color and pattern. All that matters is that you didn't spill...ha!

  5. I love this dress on you! The colors are beautiful!

    If it makes your feel any better, I run into door frames on a regular basis. Ask my husband. It's sand because door frames can't move.

  6. Thank goodness you're ok! (and the dress too) Was it the shoes? Or are you like me and blame it on some imaginary object in your path :P

  7. this is a really pretty dress...i love the pretty "watercolors". and like that you kept the shoes neutral.

    yes, feathers are a must have! my sister and i are in the process of putting together some pieces...hoping to get them in the marketplace in the next few weeks :)

  8. But you DIDN'T spill so it's all good in the 'hood. I LOVE THIS DRESS SO MUCH WANT TO STEAL IT NOW. It's freakin' awesome!

  9. i'm sooo glad you didn't spill on this dress cuz it's seriously fabulous!


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