Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beach Fashion

There was a mini-waterpark kind of thing at the building we stayed in last weekend, and the park had this enormous bucket at the top of the slide that filled up every thirty seconds or so, before dumping itself all over anybody who happened to be standing within the waterfall radius.

I must have heard that thing dropping a thousand times over the course of the weekend. And it still scared the crap out of me, every time.

Also? That water was freezing. And Brigid could have cared less...

What is wrong with kids?!?!?

Cover-Up: J Crew
Hat: Target 

Sunglasses: Ron Jon (bought only because they matched the Speedo water shoes above...)


  1. So cute, Tara! I'm glad you're enjoying your vacation.

  2. Your daughter is adorable- kids are so nonchalent about cold water! I love your hat and cover up-very chic!

  3. okay you look waaaayyy cuter than i did at the beach. and isn't it funny how little ones don't even notice that the water is FREEZING! my girls are exactly the same. love the sunglasses on your girly! too cute!


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