Friday, April 15, 2011

Time for a new skirt...

I absolutely love this skirt, but I've had it for probably seven years now, and it's starting to look a little worn. Plus, when I bought it back in the day, I think I bought it a little big because I liked my skirts to ride a little lower then, and now I think it's starting to look a little messy.

So, come Easter, one of the first items on my shopping list? A new pencil skirt.

And I'm open to suggestions, if you have the perfect one that I just have to get!

Cardigan: J Crew
Skirt: Banana Republic
Shoes: Nine West


  1. Check out banana republic... Love their pencil skirts.
    That color green looks great on you and I love the key necklace.

  2. Just found a banana code... If you like their skirts

  3. I would say that color green is definitely your color.. so pretty! Agree, pencil skirts are a must have! I actually thrifted my favorite one, it's red!

  4. love the green cardi! i have a great pencil skirt from one of the designers for target but i got mine a while back. mine is to my knees which is a really length. bet the express has a nice one.

    i tagged you on my blog. if you feel like participating, it's just for fun. but no pressure. hope you have a fun weekend!

    Claire @


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