Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday at Augusta

Steve and I spent Sunday at Augusta National for the final round of the Masters (I know, I've talked about nothing else for a week, now, but I promise, this is the end!!), and that golf course? It's gorgeous. But, it's also crazy hilly, and I can barely walk this morning after traipsing all over the place for twelve hours yesterday. We got there around 7:30am, before they even opened the gates, and about 30-45 minutes later, we were finally inside. We set up our chairs on the 18th green, hit up the merchandise shop, checked out the practice range, ate a quick snack, and headed to the 1st hole to see the first golfer tee off.

There was more wandering, as Steve and our friend Jim (who've both been to Augusta before, for practice rounds) showed me the course, and I made them stop every time we passed a bathroom, because the early morning start required coffee, and coffee does not get along well with my bladder at all. More wandering, more wandering, then we dropped Jim off in the grandstands at the 15th hole, while Steve and I went to track down my favorite golfer for a couple of holes. After four or so holes, I had thoroughly creeped myself out by being that person who was constantly standing there every time he passed the ropes, so we headed back to Jim at 15 for a couple of golfers.

Steve and I left, again, to hike all of the way back to the front of the course, so we could get our picture taken by the official Augusta photographer, because cameras are not allowed inside during tournament days, and I needed photographic evidence of the day, for crying out loud. Then, we walked back to our chairs at 18, where Steve left me to go join Jim back at 15, because the leaders were still only on the front nine. After a few minutes of sitting there by myself, I was bored and needed a water refill (90 degrees, people, and not a cloud in the sky. It. Was. HOT.), I went and tracked down my favorite golfer again, as he was finishing up on 16, and followed him for the last couple of holes. I briefly considered grabbing his butt as he was teeing off on 18, because I was that close to him, but I refrained. I am the model of restraint.

Besides, I kind of liked the place, and I would like to be allowed back in sometime soon. And I'm not entirely sure Steve would have left to bail me out of jail, if it had come to that. The finish was pretty amazing.

Also? I'm kind of hooked on golf, now. This southern thing might actually get to me, after all...

Dress: Banana Republic Outlet
Shoes: Cole Haan
Hat: Target


  1. Hahaha I'm laughing at the thought of you grabbing some golfer's butt. lol So... who was it? ;)

  2. ha...they would toss you out so quickly for butt grabbing at Agusta. Sounds like you had a great but tiring day!!

  3. What a perfect outfit for that day! And your butt-grabbing story is hilarious. I say try it next time and see what happens. :p

  4. Ahhh! I can't believe how close you got to Mr. Ian! And didn't do anything! hahaha There's always next year, right? ;) I'm so glad you had a great time!

  5. Sounds like you got some good exercise! Laughing at you though for the butt-grabbing temptation :) Glad you had fun!


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