Friday, April 1, 2011

Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

If you follow me on Twitter (@taralynn404, if you don't, but want to...), you know that there's been a little bit of a housecleaning uproar around my parts this week, given the parental visit I have coming up this weekend. And part of all of that housecleaning that was going on involved sorting through the approximately 750 catalogs that are sent to my house, flipping quickly through the ones I actually care about, and tossing the lot into the recycling bin.

The J Crew catalog qualified for a quick flip (of course!), and I came across this picture...

I have that blouse! Ok, I don't have that blouse, but I have one very similar, and I've worn it maybe once since I bought it last year. It's always seemed like a 'going out' blouse to me, and as much as I love it, I've never even thought to dress it down.

So, I channeled my inner Cee, and decided to copy the outfit. And while I do plan to try it with shorts as soon as Atlanta will stop throwing 50-60 degree days my way, I decided to modify it a little for work, first...

I still like the J Crew look better, but as an outfit imitation newbie, I'm pretty happy with the results!
Blouse: H&M
Cardigan: J Crew
Skirt: The Limited
Necklace: Macy's


  1. Super cute. I think I like the blue and black better than the pink and orange.

  2. I like your version better than J. Crew's!

  3. I agree with Jenn. I like yours better than the pink and orange. And I love that yellow necklace, too!

  4. Hehehe seriously <3 J.Crew catalogs. I hope you didn't throw them all away! Great use of inspiration (much better than my direct copying from head to toe). I love all the bright colors you used :)

  5. That's a great inspired by look! And that blue is a lovely color :)


  6. I love the blue cardigan with the yellow necklace. So cute!

  7. Oh you look breathtaking! I adore that blouse on you and LOVE the blue/yellow accents. You look fantastic!

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