Thursday, April 7, 2011

I gave in...

Mother Nature finally beat me down, people.

I had a nice little springtime outfit picked out for yesterday...spring-y colors of green, a fluffy skirt, bare legs, the whole nine yards. I was ready to go!

And then I woke up to a 34 degree morning and a frost advisory.

I don't care how warm it gets later in the day, I don't do bare legs during a frost advisory.

So, if Ms. Nature wants to give me fall weather, I will give her a fall outfit, thank you very much.

Here's hoping for warmer weather tomorrow!
Blouse: Banana Republic Outlet
Sweater: Land's End Canvas
Pants: The Limited


  1. I adore you in yellow!! I've been freezing my butt off the past few mornings! I hate it!

  2. frost...ahhhh!!
    The yellow cardi is kind of the patterned blouse1

  3. I think the bright cardi gives you the perfect pop of color that is springy enough, considering the weather!

  4. I love this! The yellow and brown really complement each other. I read that you live in GA? What part (if you don't mind me being nosy..)? I live in Woodstock!

  5. Well, you LOOK Springy at least! Love this outfit.

  6. A bright yellow cardigan is the fastest way to cheer and warm up your day :) I'm watching the Masters right now and the weather looks so NICE. What gives?!


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