Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Holiday Weekend

And the camera issues continue! I may have to re-involve the husband in this whole process, even though I'm not that much more happy with his pictures than I am with my own.

Anyway, I finally, after three reschedules due to weather, got my haircut this weekend. And with no real styling on my part, beyond a blow dryer and a straightener, I ended up with a poof. My hair doesn't poof.  I'm flummoxed. And I'm also 90% sure I will never be able to replicate the look again, no matter how hard I try.  Eh, whatever...
After the NYE holiday two weeks ago and the snowpocalypse last week, I had Monday off this week for MLK Day. I honestly don't know how they're expecting me to work a full week (well, a full four-day week, that is) after this! I am looking forward to getting less use out of my 'casual' clothes, though. I miss my dresses!

T-Shirt: Target
Sweater: Gap
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: DSW

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  1. Your hair looks great....that sweater looks so cozy!!


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