Friday, January 7, 2011

Never Again

Never again will I wear this skirt.  Disaster, my friends.

I had planned out my outfit the night before work, because Steve was out of town, and not in bed laughing at me for spending 45 minutes in my closet trying to figure out what to wear or yelling at me to just go to bed already because it was 11:30, and the dogs refused to relax until we were both in one place (they do that, a lot...and it's very, very annoying).  I had never worn the vest, and I'd only worn the skirt once, so it seemed like a good combination.  The next morning, I actually decided to sleep in a little, knowing that the hardest part of my morning was already over.

And then I got dressed.  And I started getting ready to leave the house.  And I remembered that this skirt gets very wrinkled, very quickly.  But I was running late, so I snapped a quick iPhone picture, thinking I'd mess with my real camera when I came home, because Steve was still out of town, and once I put the baby to bed, I could finally figure out how to take a decent picture of myself.

And then my day started. And then I remembered that the skirt doesn't fit quite right.  And I remembered that the lining on this skirt always hangs out at the bottom.  I think the top layer bunches up, the lining stays in place, and I end up with a white fringe on the bottom of my skirt.  And I hate that.

So, instead of an impromptu fashion show when I got home?  The skirt went directly into the donate pile.  I will not be making that mistake three times.

Also?  I am now on the hunt for a decent gray skirt, slightly above-the-knee, if you have any suggestions.

Vest: Express
Cardigan: Express
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Jessica Simpson (I know, right? I can't help it...I love her shoes!)

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