Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Resolution Update

Yesterday was a snow day, so I have no outfit update to share, since my outfit consisted of knee-high Hunter wellies (because owning snow books isn't generally a requirement to live in Atlanta), fleece socks, and a ski jacket.  And while it all kept me warm and dry, I don't think it would necessarily pass as anything remotely close to 'fashion'.  But, I do have some New Year's resolution updates, so...yeah.

First of all, I finished my second book of the year.  Again, it was a short read, and one that I didn't need to put too much thought into (especially since I had already read 75% of the book, and this was my second time going through it), but I kind of enjoyed it.  Kind of.

The book was Home Game by Michael Lewis (the author of Moneyball and The Blind Side), and it was the compilation of a bunch of columns he wrote about the first years of each of his three kids' lives.  And it was an interesting take on fatherhood, but I'm not necessarily sure that I like Michael or his style.  Because I can form that opinion from the hundred or so pages of his book that I read.  I feel so judgmental.

A more constructive update?  Yesterday was my biggest blogging loser weigh in, and I weighed in at...

146!  A 2 1/2 pound loss for the week!  I'm pretty excited about it.  Unfortunately, I think it's all 'low-hanging fruit', if you will, because I stopped eating cookies for every meal, and that could mean nothing but good things for me, but still.  I lost weight in the first week of the challenge, and I'll just try to keep the momentum going from there.

Of course, it might help if I could stay away from the snow day ice cream and the snow day chips and the snow day M&Ms, but I do have my limits...

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