Thursday, January 12, 2012

The last reserves...

I had a ton of pictures stored up from right before Christmas that I never got around to posting, and I figured I could hang on to them to post at a later date, on one of those days where I just didn't feel like getting out of my sweatpants. And now I'm down to my last one. Apparently, I've been lazy these last couple of weeks...

This was my shout-out to the Georgia Bulldogs, the day they lost to LSU in the SEC championship game. We were heading out to meet some friends to watch the game at a restaurant, and since Steve's brother and sister both went to UGA, I thought I should probably show my support somehow. Sadly, the one Georgia t-shirt I own has some bizarre black stains on it, so red shoes were the next best option.

Actually, red shoes were the first best option, if I'm being honest, but I was afraid they might kick me out of the game watch for mentioning that...

Sweater: Loft
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Kenneth Cole (outlet)
Wristlet: Macy's
Bracelet: Lucky Brand 


  1. Those red shoes are adorable!! And I love the wristlet, too. I need to become a better sports fan, so that I can incorporate their colors into some cute outfits! ;)

  2. The wristlet is the key!! Love it!!!

  3. Oh gosh, where do I even begin with the SEC?! On one hand, the games are certainly entertaining to watch, but it's also hard to see how bad all the other conferences stack up against them. Sigh :)

    I say you nailed it with the UGA black, red, and gray (the bulldog is gray, right?!) Comfy and perfect for showing your support!

  4. Red shoes might be one of my favorite fashion inventions ever. EVER. They add such a refreshing pop of color to any outfit.
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