Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pinterest says...

A few weeks ago, I posted over at Style Lush about my Pinterest inspirations for redecorating some of the spaces in my house, now that the Christmas decorations were down. And even though my results don't necessarily mirror what I'd pinned, I am still choosing to think that enough of my inspiration came from my pin boards to count this as my January Pinterest project for my 2012 list. It's my list, and I can do what I want, right?



I wish I had pictures to show what my house looked like before I decorated for Christmas, because I moved A LOT of stuff around after the fact, but I don't (you can, however, see what I had up for Christmas, itself, here). I'm still not sure I like the buffet in the library, because it just seems a bit too cluttered for my taste, but I'll consider it a work in progress. And the wall above the buffet in the dining room is still empty, but I WILL have something up this year. I hope.

If I can ever get my 'I can say I don't have an opinion all I want, but I have yet to ok anything you've picked out' husband to agree with me on something, anyway...

(Are you following me on Pinterest? Am I following you? We should totally fix that, if not...)


  1. Family photos, no matter where you put them, are always great. Love your Be Nice or Leave sign :)

  2. i'm seriously afraid of pinterest because i know for sure i will get addicted and spend hours on it. haha. and i'm kinda internet un-savvy and have no idea really how to use it. but those ideas look cool!


  3. Pinterest is the best!! I love the decorating ideas.


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